Online Marketing for your Business – what should you outsource?

outsource your online marketing

Being your own boss doesn’t mean doing everything yourself, so what should you outsource and when?

The joys of starting up your own business can be very rewarding. Seeing your ideas come to life, being able to set your own schedule, and having the satisfaction of making money for yourself are all enormous benefits.

But the demand to do everything can become overwhelming, and no matter how skilled you are, sometimes there’s just not enough time or energy to focus on every part of your business.

From our experience, this issue often pops up when it comes to:

Marketing, advertising, and promotion

Today’s marketing is heavily focused on digital. Even if you have an established word-of-mouth presence, your customers will always expect to find you online.

It helps to build a brand successfully – but if you make any missteps, you could be setting yourself up for a big spend with lacklustre results.

So, what should you be thinking about outsourcing?

Anything you’re unable to put your full attention towards, or that you don’t understand.

A business’s digital marketing requires a basic strategy, constant fine-tuning, and regular engagement with your audience. Ideally, your messaging should be aligned across all the channels you have – e.g. from an email, to your website, to your booking page.

Some good examples of digital marketing are:

  • social media channels

  • search engine marketing

  • your website

  • email marketing

  • paid listing on industry sites

Looking at your business’ current marketing strategy and listing areas of improvement is a good start to make when thinking about utilising online tools. From there, you can figure out which parts of your marketing strategy you can execute yourself or in-house, and which channels you should outsource to experts.

In our next blog, we’ll break down all you need to know about Social Media Marketing, which particularly benefits from outsourcing.


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